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Swirl Type Mist Eliminator

The Highspeed™ Swirl Mist Eliminator is an axial cyclone device designed specifically for high efficiency     liquid-gas separation for very high gas and liquid capacities.
The design combines high gas velocity, high liquid capture capacity and low to medium pressure drop.
The advantages of the Highspeed SME’s are:

  1. Highly efficient separation of droplets above 10 microns, even at high pressures
  2. Very high gas and liquid capacities at high gas velocities
  3. The mist may contain solid particles
  4. The Highspeed SME is foam-breaking due to its special construction
  5. Low or medium pressure drop (10-30 mbar)
  6. Reduce the vessel size and weight especially in high pressure applications
  7. High flexibility (turndown) in combination with mesh demister coalescer
  8. Easy to install
  9. Retrofits easily into existing vessels / scrubbers to give extra capacity
  10. The unit has no moving parts and is maintenance free

The Highspeed swirl mist eliminator provides optimal performance of mist elimination or entrainment separation at high gas capacities and pressures from 10 up to 200 bar.
Common applications include:

  1. Glycol and amine mist eliminators in HP gas treaters
  2. Droplet removal from distillation or absorber towers
  3. Vertical KO drums and horizontal oil/gas separators
  4. Compressor suction and discharge scrubbers


The installed unit consists of special separating elements fixed on a tray with openings for draining the separated liquid. Where low turndown is required (below approx 30%) it can be used with a wire mesh         pre-coalescer.
The Highspeed SME elements are available in a range of materials including low cost/weight glass reinforced plastics and stainless steels.