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Multi Vane Inlet Distributor

This is a multi-vane inlet device used in horizontal and vertical separators where there is a requirement for good flow distribution with minimum shear and pressure drop.
In horizontal vessels this inlet device is suited to both end entry as illustrated below, and top
entry by means of an elbow directed towards the head. Benefits of this device compared with simpler deflectors include reduced agitation and hence improved 2 and 3 phase operational performance, more stable level control, and reduced foaming.
This is a multi-vane inlet device works by smoothly dividing the incoming flow into various segments using an array of curved vanes to suit the overall geometry of the inlet nozzle and distributor length. To achieve this effect the vanes start with a wide spacing and gradually reduce the gap, giving the unit its characteristic tapering shape. This device usually constructed from stainless steel and is designed to be installed in sections through a vessel manway and assembled in the vessel. When sizing this device to match the inlet nozzle, we recommend the fluid momentum ρv2 is in the range of 6,000 - 10,000.