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Liquid Distributors/Collector

High performance liquid distributors aim towards ideal liquid distribution, i.e. equal liquid rate per unit area of the packed bed surface. These distributors are available in a complete range to suit various column diameters, liquid rates and service conditions. Models, which can give turndown ratio upto 10:1, are available.

General view of a High Quality Liquid distributor

General view of a Vane Type Liquid Collector

Our design team selects the most suitable model for a given application as below :
Lateral Pipe Distributors with Pressurized Flow, is a pipe-ladder type which can be designed for a wide variety of applications. It is a pressure driven distributor where the liquid/vapor is delivered through metering orifices in the branch pipes. Typical pressure drop is 1-5 psi. These distributors are commonly utilized in scrubber and stripper services with moderate-to-high liquid/vapor rates. It is not  recommended for low liquid/vapor rates or fouling systems or ones with suspended solids due to the potential for plugging of the metering orifices. Conditions which favor the use of this distributor include high vapor velocities and limited space availability. this distributor can be made in a variety of plastics and alloys.