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Coalescing Pack (Matrix Pack Type MP 125 & 250Y )

MatrixCoalescer Packs are specifically designed to be used as effective coalescers in light fouling liquid-liquid service where a level of phase separation is required that cannot be obtained in an empty, gravity separator.
Coalescer style, face velocity and configuration will depend on the specific application. These packs can also be used in gas-liquid service for foam breaking applications.

Liquid-liquid matrix coalescer packs are usually arranged vertically as shown above.
The pack consists of corrugated metal plates with a spacing and style to suit service conditions.
Pack surface areas are typically 125 and 250 m2/m3, standard pack depth is 600mm and the complete pack is assembled using a modular system from sub-assemblies.

Dispersions of droplets sized over 1000 microns tend to be very unstable and separate rapidly under gravity. Dispersions of droplets sized below 10 microns tend to be very stable and do not easily separate. Matrix coalescers as shown above are very effective in coalescing all droplets as small as 50 microns into droplets greater than 1000 microns.
The matrix pack used for liquid-liquid coalescing is similar to that used for other applications such as structured packing in absorber and distillation towers, and to static mixing elements. It is the velocity through the pack that is critical in determining the effectiveness for each application. In liquid-liquid separation for instance, at low Reynolds numbers the dispersed liquid droplets will, due to the frequent direction changes and high surface area, bump into each other and the metal surfaces and coalesce into larger drops which easily separate.