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Column Trays

Conventional absorption, distillation or fractionating trays consist of vapour/liquid contacting decks or trays with segmented liquid downflow areas. Columns can contain any number of trays installed vertically above each other. Each set of trays needs to be individually designed for the specific process and mechanical requirements anticipated within the column.
We can offer complete range of mass transfer equipments, we offer all types of trays most widely used in the industry i.e. Valve, Sieve,Bubble-cap , chimney tray & Baffle Trays . We have supplied all types with single as well as multi-pass downcomers and in both Segmental and Cartridge construction. Valve trays give the advantage of higher efficiency and capacity over Bubble cap trays and higher turndown ratio compared to Sieve trays. Various types of valves are available to take care of different conditions like high capacity, high turndown ratios, fouling service, very low liquid or very high gas rates etc.
Sieve trays are flat perforated trays which give the advantage of low maintenance cost and low fouling tendency. Bubble Cap Trays are also flat and perforated but have fixed risers over the holes and multi design caps in the form of inverted cups over the risers.

General view of Bubble Cap Trays

Our design team is well experienced in Tower rating and can select or advise you on the type of tray most suitable for the given conditions. Design of each type of tray is done judiciously by selecting the right type of valve, cap, hole diameter etc.
We also maintain an adequate inventory of various types of valves and hardware for express delivery requirements during your emergency or planned shutdown .

General view of a V-Grid type Tray