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Perforated Baffle Plates

These baffles are available in a range of perforations and styles for installation in horizontal or vertical vessels.
Common applications include:
•    Calming the inlet zone in horizontal separators
•    Liquid flow redistribution in long vessels
•    Surge suppression in vessels installed in offshore FPSO applications
•    Gas distribution upstream or downstream of mist eliminators
The flow distribution characteristic of perforated baffles is well established, but modern design tools such as CFD enable today’s designers to tailor the baffle design to achieve optimum distribution by adjusting the hole size, % open area, number of baffles (BP-1 single and BP-2 dual) and their overlap as illustrated below.
These baffles are designed and manufactured to be installed in sections through a vessel manway and are either self reinforced using webs on the panels, or in larger vessels may be additionally supported with separate stiffening beams.