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Vane Type Mist Eliminator

Also known as chevron or plate type, vane mist eliminators consist of closely spaced corrugated plates that force mist-laden gas to follow serpentine paths. These devices are generally not efficient for mist droplets smaller than about 20 microns, but they are sturdier than mesh pads and impose less pressure drop. Vane arrays can be mounted horizontally or vertically. They are preferred in applications involving high vapor velocities, low available pressure drop, viscous or foaming liquids, lodging or caking of solids, slugs of liquid or violent upsets. Like mesh pads, vane units are usually round or rectangular. They are sometimes used in combination with mesh pads for optimum performance in special situations. KIRK standard vanes are available in metal or plastics and have various blade spacing and profiles.

For special requirements, KIRK also supplies high-performance double-pocket vanes can operate at higher capacity and higher efficiency than conventional vanes. The design features liquid pockets that prevent re-entrainment of the separated liquid droplets. This helps increase the capacity up to twice that of conventional vanes. The higher gas velocities also help in obtaining 100% removal of 8-micron droplets.