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  • Petroham Process Solutions was established in 2011 and is based in Tehran, Iran.
    The company has 3 main lines of business activity related to oil and gas Process & Separation Systems:

    1. The design and supply of specialist Separator Internals
    2. The design and supply of specialist Process Packages
    3. The provision of consultancy services for oil and gas Process & Separation Systems

    We also have co-operation agreements with KIRK Process solution for specialist process activities and separator internals supplies in Iran.



  • The company’s core business is the design and supply of specialist vessel internals for gas/oil/water/solids separation and process packages related primarily to the oil & gas and petrochemical industries as has been appointed as local Partner of KIRK Process solutions in Iran.
    These Product can be installed in new or retrofit applications as follows :

    1. Oil & Gas Separator and Scrubber Internals
    • Inlet Diffusers & Distributors
    • Oil/Water Coalescer Packs
    • Foam Breakers and Sand Jets
    • Mesh, Vane & Cyclone Mist Eliminators
    • Cyclones for Dust Removal

    2.  Mass Transfer Internals
    • Liquid and Gas Distributors
    • High Capacity Trays
    • Random & Structured Packing

    3. Oil & & Gas Process Packages
    • Filtration & Separation
    • Crude Oil Electrostatic Dehydration/Desalting
    • Induced Gas Flotation (IGF)
    • Oily Water Treatment
    • Crude Oil Desanding & Desilting
    • Crude Oil Stripping Units
    • Natural Gas Sweetening & Dehydration
    In addition to separator internals and process packages supply, we offer specialist engineering support services to allow customers to optimize designs and verify separator and process performance predictions.
    A typical production 3-phase separator for oilfield service is illustrated below, but the selection and optimization of the appropriate technology is determined on a case by case basis.